When people get sick or suffer an injury, receiving the appropriate care is usually as easy as making a doctor’s appointment. As humans, we are able to explain the situation, describe our symptoms and show the doctor where it hurts, providing for a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

When animals become ill or hurt, however, providing the appropriate medical care is not always as straightforward. In many cases, even a thorough examination by our experienced doctors isn’t enough to reach a definitive diagnosis. Add to this the fact that our pets cannot speak to explain what’s bothering them, and we’ve got quite the mystery on our hands.

In these instances, we must turn to veterinary diagnostics to help us get the answers we need. These tools allow us to get a glimpse inside your pet’s body to learn precisely what’s causing his or her symptoms so that we can treat the problem in the most timely and effective manner possible. Barre Animal Hospital utilizes a number of diagnostic tools to help manage the ongoing health of our patients.

In-House Laboratory

Our hospital is equipped with a convenient in-house laboratory, which provides for the fast and accurate retrieval of test results. This is especially important for those conditions for which a timely diagnosis is critical. Our team is capable of conducting a broad range of on-site laboratory tests, including:

  • Serum chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Serology
  • Urinalysis
  • Parasite testing

For those situations that we feel require more advanced testing or the input of a specialist, we work with a number of commercial veterinary laboratories which can provide specialized diagnostics and consultations as needed.

Advanced Radiology Equipment

Along with our advanced laboratory testing capabilities, our clinic also features on-site, modern radiology equipment. X-rays allow our doctors to capture detailed images of the inside of your pet’s body, including the bones and internal organs. These high quality radiographs can then be analyzed by our doctors, or reviewed by board certified veterinary specialists for further evaluation.

Electrocardiography services are also available to patients of Barre Animal Hospital. We offer professional, in-house ECG services and can arrange for consultations with cardiology specialists should your pet’s situation warrant the opinion of an expert in that field. We also offer in-hospital referrals to an internal medicine specialist who performs ultrasounds, endoscopic procedures and helps us with the diagnosis of more complicated cases.

Your four-legged family member can’t speak to tell you what’s wrong, explain his or her symptoms or show you where it hurts. It’s up to us, as caring pet parents and veterinary professionals, to become a voice for your companion and manage his or her health most effectively. Rest assured that whatever may be ailing your loved one, we’re prepared to get to the bottom of it so we can get them back on the path to good health again as soon as possible.